Program Scope

This program is available for old boys of Royal College and members of their families who are expecting to migrate or have already migrated to Australia. Old Royalist should be registered in the RCOBA member register to have access to this program.

Candidates who wish to join the program should either be ready to migrate within 12 months or have already migrated within the last 12 months to Australia.

The Program does not aim to provide employment for candidates. However, mentees will be assigned a mentor who may provide job tips, appropriate employment links to search for jobs and contacts of recruiters and potential employers.

The mentor-mentee relationship will officially be for maximum of 6 months, with a minimum of 4 meetings between the mentor and mentee, including at least one face to face the meeting. The mentor and mentee may decide to finish the program earlier than 6 months depending on circumstances.

The areas of expertise offered will be subject to the availability of mentors.

Mentors for the program is selected from the panel of volunteers who have registered with the program.

Mentors will be selected based on following criteria:

  • Proven / accepted expertise in their field
  • Willing to be volunteers and able to devote the necessary time and effort
  • Be prepared to be coached / trained on the RCOBA mentoring program guidelines and process
  • Follow the mentoring guidelines and process provided by RCOBA
  • Be respectful and acknowledge confidentiality and privacy considerations

The current mentor panel supports six professional areas; Engineering, Medicine, Information technology, Hospitality, Finance and sales / marketing.