Message from the President

Welcome to the re-vamped Web site of RCOBA. The primary role of the web site in the past has been to communicate news and information about the Association to its membership, to other Royalists around the globe as well as to other interested parties.

We realise the value of social media and intend to enhance the new site not only to offer the traditional web media capabilities but to harness the power of social media, offering multifaceted communications not only connecting the Association to its members but also connecting Royalists to Royalists.

Social media sites are the fastest way to connect people and we will use it as a tool to better grow the Association in keeping with the aims and aspirations of its members. We hope you will take advantage of the technology platform as it evolves to not only to connect to the RCOBA, but also to connect to other Royalists, and to exploit the other features it offers.

In coming months we plan to expand our communication media to offer multichannel features, with new web site acting as a platform to connect different social interests and especially year groups.

This is only the beginning and look forward to your comments and suggestions as we evolve and change moving forward. Please address your feed back to the

Theo Soumyaraj

President 2019/2020