Mentoring Program

The Royal College Old Boys Association (RCOBA) of NSW and ACT Australia commenced its mentoring program in 2016, to support and guide former Royalists migrating to Australia. The main objective of the program is to foster fellowship and support and provide guidance to new migrants who are aspiring to build a new life in an unfamiliar land.

The program is expected to focus on career mentoring which is one of the biggest challenges new migrants face in Australia.

The RCOBA Mentoring Program aims to obtain support from experienced and willing professionals from diverse industries to act as mentors. The Program aspires to help mentees gain the necessary skills and attributes to comfortably and confidently face the employers, job agents and meet the challenges migrants go through when establishing themselves in the job market.

During the 2016 RCOBA AGM a new sub-committee was formed to develop a structured program for this purpose. The Program initially started with 23 volunteers from six different professional areas including Engineering, Medical, Finance IT, & Sales and Marketing.

This program is free of charge to members of the RCOBA.