Becoming a Mentor

The mentors must be a member of the RCU. (Anyone with an RCU membership is considered a member of the RCU)

The motivation, professional experience in the relevant industry, and most importantly availability to complete the program are critical to the success of the program.

Volunteers should notify their interest to the Program Director via email. Once he is satisfied with the program scope and responsibilities stipulated in the program, he can send a nomination to join the program using the online Mentor Registration Form.

Your details will be retained in the program database and the Program Director will allocate suitable mentees to you . The Program Director will consult you on your availability at the time of allocating a new mentee.

Once the initial introduction is made both parties are expected to correspond with each other to decide on the dates and the details of the program

Both mentor and mentee are expected to complete a feedback questionnaire after the completion of the program.

Mentors can be in located Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

Mentor Online Registration Form