Becoming a Mentee

The candidate (potential mentee) should be nominated by a member of the RCOBA. (Anyone registered in the RCOBA database is considered a member)

Once the candidate is satisfied with the program scope and the obligations stipulated in the program, he should register using the Online Registration Form.

Once accepted into the program, the mentee will be matched with a suitable mentor. The Program Director will notify both parties via an email. When allocating mentees to mentors, the Program Director will consider the professional experience, industry, location and the availability of both the mentor and the mentee.

Once the initial introduction is made both parties are expected to correspond with each other to decide on the program plan.

Both mentor and mentee are expected to complete a feedback questionnaire after the completion of the program.

The focus and motivation of the mentee is critical to the success of the program.

The mentees can be located in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. However, most of our current mentors are based in Sydney .

Candidate Online Registration Form